PatrolBike anti bicycles stolen GPS

PatrolBike is a GPS/GSM tracker for the protection of bikes (electric and muscular).     

PatrolBike is a self-powered system that is activated through the appropriate APP, using Bluetooth technology.PatrolBike measures 120 mm. length x 18.5 mm. diameter x SOLI 50 GR. OF WEIGHT! 

Through the free APP "Sherlock Bike" it is in fact possible to create your own profile, thus generating a real "Bike Passport" proving the ownership of the bike.

The model, the frame number and the image of the bike itself, will be saved in a database that can be consulted by the police in case of theft. Through the APP you can locate at any time where your bike is. How to activate PatrolBike?      

Just a click on the APP!    

At this point, if the bike is moved, you immediately receive a notification on your Smartphone.What happens when the bike is moved?    

An alert message is sent to your Smartphone. 

When you open the application, the "Tracking Code" button appears.    

By clicking on the button you get a code to be transcribed on the site to get the location of your bike.     

The location refresh rate depends on the settings configured by the user on the APP (from 2 min. to 4 h.*)    

PatrolBike is very easy to place.    

Its size allows it to be housed in handlebars with an internal diameter equal to or greater than 19 mm.     

In case of diameters greater than 19 mm., we recommend the use of an adhesive tape to fill the thickness.     
24/7 PROTECTION          

Do you want to delegate the localization to an operations center?   

By purchasing the PatrolBike 24/7 version you can benefit from the VIASAT operations center service! 

The price includes eSIM with data connectivity, theft management from the operations center and 24-hour tracking lasting 2 years.